What does it mean?

Dane asked me:

What does it mean for Apple? I mean, really, how big an impact will this have on Apple?

I will speculate thusly:

  • Tomorrow, the stock will take a hit. Plenty of people will have been holding for just such a day and will sell. If they bought stock any time before June of this year, they will make money. $500 invested in 2001 would yield about $25,000 today. Good for them. Some people (maybe I) will buy the stock.
  • Two weeks from now, Apple will have invited the press to an event where they talk about this year’s line up of iPhone(s) and iPods. They will be totally awesome and the stock will climb for the rest of the year.
  • A month from now, hundreds of people will either be in line to buy iPhone 5, or millions will have already purchased it. I am betting 3 million during opening weekend.
  • 6 months from now, Apple will have had its best holiday quarter ever, with record breaking iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac sales. The stock will continue to do well. Apple will announce the new iPad. It will make all competing tablets look pretty stupid.
  • A year from now, people will be speculating about what the new iPhone is going to look like, the iPad will have dominated the tablet market for another year, and freed from the fears that Apple won’t survive with Jobs, the stock will have steamed up to about $550 per share. Apple will be the most valuable company in the world. Literally.
  • 3 Years from now, most of the products that were in the product pipeline when Steve Jobs was the CEO will have made their way to market, and it will be Tim Cook (or Phill Schiller) that announces some great new product that I will buy with a great big smile.
All I am trying to say is this: if you like your iPhone, it is because it is a really great product. But do you know what is an even better product? To quote John Gruber:
Jobs’s greatest creation isn’t any Apple product. It is Apple itself.
Just ponder a moment how well crafted your iPhone is and remember that Jobs has been crafting Apple for about 15 years (the second time) and think about the care and thoughtfulness that has gone into it. Apple will be just fine. For a long time. Tim Cook has been running the company for quite some time. He will continue to run it. And Jobs will continue his oversight. And the company will thrive.

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