Some quick predictions

Last year, when Apple announced iOS 5, Reminders was a new, included app. Everyone thought it was weird. There were already thousands of To Do apps in the app store, and while it brought location based reminders, it wasn’t particularly full featured. You couldn’t even sort reminders. It seemed very out of place.

Then they announced Siri.

Suddenly, reminders turned into a very helpful part of Siri. And Siri, as an interface, made much more sense for reminders, especially when it comes to adding location based reminders.

I felt that same out of place feeling about the Pass Book announcement. “All you pass in one place”? How many passes do they think I have? Scott Forstall already said they are making a Pass Kit API available for developers so they can add their own beautiful passes to the passbook, which is cool, but still seems to be missing something.

I predict that the next iPhone will have a new headline feature, which, like Siri did for Reminders, will make this app make sense: NFC enabled payments. I think Pass Book is going to be a mobile wallet, and the next iPhone will have allow you manage transactions. I think they will allow vendors (like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, JC Penny, or Home Depot) to create accounts that run through Apple’s ecosystem that allow customer so use their pass book to pay for their stuff. And I bet vendors and customers will love it.

One other small prediction: the next iPhone will get a bigger screen.

Others have guessed this change, but a moment of the keynote stood out to me. When Scott Forstall is talking about new Safari features (90:18), he says:

We’re also adding full-screen supports in landscape on the iPhone to take full advantage of the large retina display.

That word LARGE really stood out to me. I think it was a slip of the tongue. I could be reading into it, but I don’t see 1) why this feature is necessary in Safari with out a bigger phone and 2) why he would say that it is a “large” retina display, when iPhones today have the same size display that they have since 2007.

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