Steve Jobs=Soup Nazi

A great post from theiphoneblog makes a perfect analogy for Apple. He compares Apple to a restaurant with a temperamental chef. You don’t tell Apple how you want your food – you don’t have good enough taste to know. The chef prepares it and tells you it is the best, and if you don’t like it, you can go somewhere else (and pay less).

I like the article because it reminds us that not every business is right for every consumer, and that variety in business models is helpful and important. I think it is funny when people attack or insult a business based on foundational strategic decisions. It’s like someone criticizing Red Box because they don’t carry enough of the old classics. Red Box could make it possible, but it is not their key strategy. Convenience, not selection, is where they are different. Make sure your business isn’t trying to compete on every factor of difference. Choose the ones where you want to win, then do it.

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