What I like about water coolers

The water cooler at my office services about 45 people and needs a new bottle quite frequently. Usually this sort of thing bothers me, but with a water cooler, I really like it. There are few things in life that have such a clear indicator that it is time for a change. With toilet paper, toothpaste, lotion, and hand soap, you want to use it all, but you don’t want to be caught without. You sometimes have to keep two out at the same time for that moment when it finally squeaks out its last offering. 

Water coolers are different. When the bottle is empty, you change it. AND if the bottle is empty, there is still some in the cooler. There is a perfect notification for when to change, but you are not left half satisfied if you don’t change it the moment it is empty.

This is usually how I manage my gas tank too. I wait until it tells me to fill it. That means the gas light. And as everyone knows, letting your car get that low on gas is a really bad idea. Not so with a water cooler. If you let the water get down low enough so the bottle is empty, it doesn’t hurt the water or the bottle or the cooler.

What I really don’t like is the razors and toothbrushes that have the lines that are supposed to fade when it’s time to change them. I hate it because it is gradual. Being color blind doesn’t help. How am I supposed to know when the faint blue line turns white? This is why I usually end up using toothbrushes until my teeth rub against the plastic. Now that is a clear indicator that it is time for a change.

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